Our top 3 tips to maintain your health and fitness levels while on Mt Hotham this ski season.

To get the full enjoyment out of your snow trip this season, you must also make sure that you take care of your health. Nothing ends enjoyment quicker than fatigue or injury. Whether you’re an instructor or regular skier/snowboarder Onsen Retreat & Spa has something to improve and maintain your fitness as well as speed your recovery.

Our top three tip to maintain your health and fitness levels are:

  1. Pre or post-ski workout.
    When coming down off an intensive day on the slopes, it is vital that you stretch and relax those over-worked muscles gradually rather than coming to a complete stop. A pre or post-ski workout is the ideal way to relieve any tight muscles and make sure you’re ready for the next day’s skiing or boarding.Dinner Plain’s only wellness and gym facility, Onsen Retreat and Spa, can now provide you with 24/7 access to fitness equipment within a warm and dry indoor environment.
  2. Swimming
    Swimming laps is the ultimate way to wind down from a day of skiing or snowboarding, as well as lessening pressure on joints and assisting balance you also get the added fitness benefits in complete comfort.The key takeaway is, you don’t have to give up aquatic exercise whilst being on the mountain, as Onsen Retreat & Spa has a lap pool to to balance your fitness needs.
  3. Recovery
    Heat induced bathing causes vasodilation allowing blood circulation to increase directly to muscles assisting with the faster recovery of muscle soreness and fatigue. Followed by a session in the sauna will further the same effect as well as a full detoxification of the body.Both of these activities not only recover the body within the evening ready for a following day on the slopes, but overall relax the body and mind calming your senses to recover mentally.

Contact information for all Memberships available at Onsen Retreat and Spa in Dinner Plain.


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